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Updated 01/19/11


Hiteshew Engineering Systems, Inc. (HES) is a privately owned computer software development company based in Mt. Dora, Florida (30 miles north of Orlando). HES currently offers the following software products.

Products . . .
ASADv3 (Automated Storm Sewer Analysis & Design ver. 3) for Roadway Drainage and Plans Production

Version 3 (MicroStation V8 compatible) - Download Here!!!

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Automated Storm sewer Analysis & Design (ASAD) is a software package used to design, analyze, and draft storm sewer systems specifically for Florida (USA) roadway projects. ASAD provides tools that allow the drainage engineer to go from raw conceptual design to a finely tuned design and construction plans in hours instead of weeks.

ASAD contains a graphics engine, provided by
Pangaea CAD Solutions, Inc., for drawing and viewing Intergraph/MicroStation CAD format files (*.dgn). ASAD also contains it's own coordinate geometry system for computing each node's north & east coordinates as well as elevations. By including these features, ASAD is the low cost alternative to using MicroStation (with MDL storm sewer application) for storm sewer design and plans production. More . . .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ASADLtV3 (Light version 3) for Site/Land Development Drainage

ASADLtV3 - Download Here!!!

ASADLtV3 is a trimmed down version of ASAD. This 'lite' version has the same hydraulics engine and storm tabs reporting as ASAD. What ASAD-Lt does not have, (that ASAD does) is the geometry based automatic features and the Microstation compatible CADD file interface. ASAD-Lt is for the user that needs a storm sewer analysis and design program for land development or general roadway projects. ASAD-Lt, like ASAD, can handle up to 1000 pipes per storm sewer system, and 50 storm sewer systems per project database, at a fraction of the cost of other similar storm sewer packages. More . . .

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